Access the Full RAW Data Object

There maybe times when you need access to the full RAW data object returned from our survey data endpoint and in the past we advised clients to make a direct call to that endpoint using whatever code they chose.

This has proved problamatic to support as well as leading to faults and errors on clients survey result web pages and alike.

As such from now on the only supported way to access survey data is through the Syrup library.

Using the Syrup library provides built in error trapping when calling the endpoint and can present you with the raw data object as well as the more usual TaffyDB qObj.

var r = await syrup.fetchRespondentData({
  projectID: '8fcbb2dc-8093-40d7-6c41-88ecccdcb2aa',
  pageID: 'b8b70dca-a5b8-4a1a-4a8f-f60254fea95c',
  respondentID: '448e384d1cf3a2a5b44f63cce5aeb36f',